Month: September 2013

The Peer Pressure to Eat Right

Some days I just enjoy my life more than others.  I like that I have accidentally put myself in a position to unintentionally peer pressure someone into doing something they should be doing, like living a healthy life.  I don’t even have to say anything to get the ball rolling – it just happens and i’m pretty sure this is why:


I’m a self proclaimed healthy eater who tries to follow the ole 80/20 Rule; although, there have been times where it was more like 70/30, or worse if i’m on vacation.   Eeeek!  More specifically, during the work week I eat healthy and on the weekends my eating habits can go a little awry.

In addition to that, around the office people generally assume that i’m training for something like a run, bike or triathlon, because I always get questions like, “when’s your next race?” or “what are you training for now?”.  Not that I blame them – I usually am.

Finally, to top it all off and probably the main reason, the Man of the house is a fitness expert and he works in the same building as I do.  So, if you know anything about “insider trading”, I feel like my association with him kind of works in the same way.  Since HE’S a fitness expert, naturally, I must be, too.

Because of all this, I can understand why people feel the need to explain themselves when they are getting food or chatting with me about the last time they were in the gym.  I have some people who see me and instantly give me unsolicited excuses, like:

“I know this looks bad, but it’s been a bad day/week.”  (Coincidentally, that’s an even worse reason to eat “bad” food.)
“I haven’t had [insert “bad” food here] in a very long time.”
“I’m not eating all of this right now.”
“I’m going to workout today.”
And the list goes on…

It almost makes me want to say, “I didn’t ask. I’m not judging you. Eat what you want to eat.”  Or, like the Man says,

“If you’re having a true cheat day, own it. Be proud of it. That means that you’re doing what you supposed to be doing at least 80% of the time. If not, you’re fooling no one but yourself.”

But let’s face it, I see these people almost daily and I do care, so sometimes I let it go but, more often than not, I actually respond with some words of encouragement to get them back on track.  I might tell you 20 times that I want to see your booty in the gym with me and if I see you at least once, it’s worth it because that one time that I see you in there, i’m going to be your biggest cheerleader ever.  Don’t get me started on the benefits of leading a healthier life.  😉

If you don’t have a plan yet, get started today!  If you’ve hit a road block, tell me about it and i’ll help you over the hump!   I’m [subconsciously] peer pressuring you – AND I LIKE IT!!


Elevator Etiquette: Shhhh!!??

We’ve all heard of the usual elevator etiquette like, holding the doors if someone is coming, pressing the floor button if you’re the closest, standing away from the doors before they open to let anyone out before you barge on in, etc., but what about the elevator chatter?  More specifically, elevator chatter in your office building.

Sure, it’s polite to say some sort of salutation, or even smile to acknowledge their existence, if someone is already in the elevator, but then what?  If it’s just the two of you, or maybe even one other person, it can be SOOO uncomfortable to stand there to go up in complete silence.  Even if someone is going from the first floor to the second, are people secretly thinking, “why didn’t you just walk up the stairs?”  Or how about the mirrored elevator doors that both men and women check themselves out in as if they were alone?  I guess that’s really a whole other topic.

What I want to find out is: is it more polite to stand there in silence?  What if I’m getting on the elevator with another co-worker and we were in the middle of a conversation before we got on; does the conversation stop?  And vice versa.  If i’m getting on the elevator when others are in the middle of a conversation, do they stop?  Is it even rude?

Personally, I’ve  been on elevators where people were talking and they kept on talking and it’s no big wup to me because it sure beats the uncomfortable silence that I tend to experience.  And as far as continuing a conversation or not, I’ve done both.  I’ve stopped my conversation until I get off on my floor and I’ve continued other conversations.  For me it depends on how many people are in the elevator and, sometimes, WHO is in it.

I’m on the fence about how to handle these situations moving forward because recently I experienced a full elevator ride where I was talking with someone and another person felt the need to jump in on the conversation.  I turned to look at them because I didn’t hear what was said and I wasn’t sure if they were even talking to me/us?  After all, no one else on the elevator was talking so they must have been talking to us.  Anyway, I continued my conversation, only to be interrupted again with whatever it was they felt so compelled to contribute to my conversation.  It was odd.  Does this happen more often than I realize?  I was actually kind of put off about it, but i’m not one to be rude or nasty about things, so I just let it pass.  I smiled politely and stopped talking until we reached our floor.

Problem solved, right?  I’m just not sure about this.  I have so many questions that need answers – so many ‘what if’s’.  Maybe next time I should follow my usual MO and zip the lips since the elevator was full of people.