My right hand kid

Daniela.  The youngest of my ‘litter,’ she’s 9, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that she’s the youngest because at times she can be so much more responsible than the rest and yet, she has her moments that remind you that she’s only 9.  For example, she sings EVERYWHERE she goes and she’s loud and proud at that.  She isn’t going to be on America’s Got Talent any time soon, but that doesn’t stop her from singing in the bathroom when she’s on the pot, when she’s in the shower, in the grocery store, at church, in the car, while she does dishes, while she’s cooking or anywhere else where she’s in ear shot from her brother who is annoyed by her singing.  That’s kind of like what I used to do to my brother when I was younger – I vaguely remember him asking my mom to tell me to shut up when we were in the car.  But I digress…

So you know people always say that kids are little sponges and we all know it’s true, but Daniela amazes me sometimes with all the information she retains and how she uses it.  She has ALWAYS been my little helper in the kitchen; they all were at one time, but it still sticks with Daniela.  She always wants to be in the mix, asking questions and helping out no matter what it is – she’s very selfless that way.  Recently, she did something that just made me smile….here goes.

8:00 am (on a Saturday) she wakes, handles her morning routine – in our house that’s the ABCs (Awake, Brush teeth/hair, Clean face), and then she comes down to meet me in the living room.

Daniela: “Good morning Mommy.  (hugs) Have you had breakfast?”
Me: “Yes, I did.  Thank you very much.  Have you done your ABCs?” (I can tell she has but I can’t help but ask.)
Daniela: “Yes, I did.  Can I make pancakes for my breakfast?”
Me: “Sure.  Do you know what you’re doing in there?”
Daniela: “Yep!”

And off she went.  I could hear her in there singing and making the mix. I can see her from where I was so I could keep an eye on her, too.  The first pancake is out of the pan and onto a plate.  Aaron, my son, emerges from his room by about 8:20.  No, he hasn’t done his ABCs, so I tell him to handle his business and come back. Daniela calls out of the kitchen for some assistance and when I walk in, this girl is trying to make me coffee while she’s making her second pancake!!  She’s so funny and it’s so sweet of her to try but that’s a bit too challenging.  Anyway, as she finishes the second pancake and serves it on the plate…

Daniela: “Can you put this on the table for Aaron, please?”
Me: “For Aaron?”
Daniela: “Yeah, since he woke up, i’ll just give him these and make some more for myself.”
Me: “That’s very nice of you.  I’ll help you make some more mix for yours.”

No sooner did I make the mix and Daniela begins with the next pancake, here comes Alaina.  No, she didn’t do her ABCs either (these kids need constant reminders, I tell ya!), so I asked her to go and come back.  Again, Daniela offers the two pancakes to Alaina since she is awake and, again, I help her make some more batter.

Daniela: “I know you don’t like pancakes, but are you sure you don’t want one?  I’m making them in heart shapes.”
Me: [I almost wanted to eat one just because she wanted to make it!] “No, thank you.  Just make yours and eat up!”

Because Daniela's girly like that - heart-shaped pancakes are the only way to go!  :)

Because Daniela’s girly like that – heart-shaped pancakes are the only way to go! 🙂

She proceeds to make her pancakes and here comes the oldest of the gaggle, Dominique.  At this point, Daniela has JUST finished making her second pancake and was about to sit down.  She gave me the look that said, “I’ll just give her these.”  I had to stop this girl from the inevitable before she uttered a word because Dominique is the biggest “Daniela bully” of the house and I just COULDN’T allow her to give away her cute, heart shaped pancakes to her sister who wouldn’t appreciate them.  (#familypolitics)  Without making a big deal of it, I gave Daniela the green light to sit down and enjoy the fruits of her labor.  Besides, Dominique was just as happy making her own pancakes while she chatted with me in the kitchen. So, all’s well that ends well – I always say.

As I tell this story to The Man he says, “you know where she gets that from, don’t you?”  I guess that means me, but I never expected something like that to catch on to a 9-year-old.  You know?  So, it’s things like these that warm my heart when I think about Daniela.  Sometimes it’s a shame that I know I can trust her to get something done over the older kids, but oh well, every kid is different.

My little sous-chef, Daniela.  Always helping me in the kitchen.  :)

My little sous-chef, Daniela. Always helping me in the kitchen. 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no, Dominique didn’t do her ABCs either.  SMH?!  La mas vieja  y sin verguenza! As my mom would say.


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