How to Let Yourself Go During the Holidays

I couldn’t have said this better myself – go ahead and give yourself a “damn good reason to set doomed New Year’s resolutions”! Or just enjoy the funny read – I especially like the part about the cookie dough – it’s so good! 😉

White Elephant in the Room

elephant_greekyogurt‘Tis the season for guilt. From too-many-drumsticks guilt to you-have-a-present-for-me-and-I-don’t-have-a-present-for-you guilt, we all indulge in some good old fashioned self-shaming during the holidays.

From the moment the school supplies go on clearance to make way for the Iron Man costumes, the holiday expectations are high. This year we will get all our shopping done early, we will send the best holiday card ever, we will remember to thaw the turkey, and we will – in the words of everyone who dramatically refuses anything that even looks like it has butter in it – “be good.”

Then, inevitably, when the red and green M&Ms go on clearance to make way for the Iron Man Valentines, we reflect on a season filled with not enough time and not enough butter. I propose that this year we indulge a little more, stress a little less, and give ourselves damn good reason to set…

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