So, as the title suggests, I was in a bit of a quandary over whether I should be “assisting” the Man of the House with the project of building a bedside table for me.  I imagine most couples who decide to take on projects together are just as excited as we were as we planned it all out and began the job.  I’m not sure at what point things started going downhill, but it HAD to be within the first 30 minutes…..

Just to put things in perspective: I like putting together and fixing things; he likes building and fixing things.  Since i’m not a builder, I defer to his expertise when it comes to that kind of thing.  My problem is, I KNOW EVERYTHING!  😉  So when I see him doing something that I think might be wrong, it’s hard to keep my trap shut, but I try.  I think i’m pretty good at TRYING to keep my mouth shut but sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain’s ability to stop it.  I am pretty sure that he allows me to help him because he knows I like to put things together, but if I weren’t around, he’d totally do it himself.  In retrospect, this must be what my kids feel like when they’re trying to helping me cook in the kitchen….but I digress.

Anyway, so here we are, cutting and screwing the wood pieces together – which I apparently suck at and that’s fine because i’m not a builder, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  So I can’t screw the screws in straight – is it REEEEALLY that big a’deal?  The screw is in the piece of wood, isn’t it?  God bless him, he was being real nice about it when he would tell me to stop because they weren’t going in straight but, regardless, it started to irritate me because I felt like I was doing it the same way he was.  I think I was literally fuming with steam coming off of my head and I wanted to either quit and throw the screw driver and/or break what we had already put together.  It was at this point that I said to myself, THIS is where the whole concept of DIY came from – do it YOURSELF.  NOT with your partner.  NOT with your friend.  NOT with anyone else.  YOUR! SELF!!!  When everything is said and done and there’s a crooked table that can only be used in a fun house, you only have YOURSELF to blame for it.  You know?  That’s how it should be.

My frustration didn’t stop with the screws.  This project took a little vacation and sat, as it is pictured above, for a few days.  He managed to finish putting the table together on a day where I wasn’t home (refer back to the second paragraph where I mentioned the fact that he would do it himself if I weren’t around), so now that it’s done, it was time to stain it.  That can’t be hard, right?  It’s basically painting.  He gave me specific instructions to paint in the same direction as the grain of the wood and he mentioned some other stuff about gloves and yadda-yadda-yadda.  Easy enough, right?  Noooooooooooooooo!  I STILL managed to irritate myself by not listening to the “other stuff” that he mentioned like, oh, I don’t know, wearing gloves so I don’t get any of that stain stuff on my hands or under my nails.  By the time I realized that it was all over my hands, it was too late – today, I am still wearing purple nail polish to cover the black stain that’s under my nails – WHY DID I GET INVOLVED AGAIN!!!???

In the end, it all got completed and the table turned out really, really nice – I love it!!  I felt bad because I almost got to the point where I didn’t even want the table anymore.  Why don’t I just buy one from Ross?  I know why, because it would mean so much more to have him build it for me.  He would be happy doing it and I would be happy with a hand made piece from him that he planned, sweated over, and built just for moi!

So, what are the chances that I learned my lesson about beginning DIY projects with the Man of the House (or anyone else for that matter)?  Just slim to none – i’m hard headed that way.  🙂

TADAAA!!!   I take no credit for the completion of this project….




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