Minding my business…

I had a situation the other day that I wonder what others would have done in my shoes.  People in our society these days like to take this “I’m not going to get involved” approach to things.  I tend to wonder where people draw the line on when they are going to say something and when they won’t.  We have folks who want to chastise parents for parenting (aka spanking) their bratty kids and then there’s the people who watch as other kids are actually abused without saying anything at all.  My story is not at this level but, after the fact, it made me think…

I went for my dress fitting and, as I was sitting in my car getting ready to leave, I received a phone call, so I sat to talk for a minute.  Now, imagine this: the parking spot in front of me is empty and there is a car on both sides of the spot: a shiny, blue Acura Integra on the left and a junkie, old, banged up Toyota ‘something’ on the right.  I’m blabbing away on the phone and I see this person coming from the right to pull into the parking spot and they’re coming in pretty fast.  It’s going to be a tight squeeze even for the little Honda that they were driving….

Okay, FINE, i’ll say it – it was a woman driver!  Geez!  Back to the story…

So, to make matters worse, girlfriend was on the damn phone.  She was coming in fast and she pulled into the spot as if there were no other cars on either side!  Translation:  she COMPLETELY rubbed up on the bumper of the Acura and, I kid you not, she didn’t…even…flinch.  The entire Acura moved as she was rubbing it so I found it hard to understand why she didn’t stop as soon as she made contact.  My mouth fell wide open and I actually said, “ouch! ouch! ouch!” out loud.  Incredibly, she didn’t stop there, she continued to park.

Not actual incident.

Not actual incident.

Remember how I said it was a tight squeeze?  Yeah, well, she threw the door open and hit the Toyota.  I’m not sure why she expected to be able to get out of her car.  If she just looked out her window, she would have seen that the door wasn’t going to open more than a foot. That STILL didn’t deter this girl…she still tried to get out of her car.  (Sidebar: that must have been some phone conversation because she was still on it.) There was no way she was getting out so  she turns back in her seat, closes the door and starts up the car to leave.   This is where the self-imposed dilemma begins…

I wonder, ‘Is she going to leave-leave; or, just move to another spot?’  I don’t know what she’s going to do so I frantically grab a piece of paper and pen to write down this broad’s license plate number – just in case.  She knows that I’ve seen her rub this car and now she can probably assume that i’m fumbling around to write down her license plate number.   She moves to another spot and she’s watching me as she’s talking on the phone.  So, I think to myself,

“Oh, Maritza, do you REALLY want to get involved with a possible crazy woman?  You’re in front of a bridal salon for Pete’s sake.  Everyone knows that brides be crazy and she could be the bride so she might go nuts on me…do we chance it?”  😉

Girlfriend got out of her car, went to look at the Acura and after standing there for a moment on the phone she decides to get back into he car and FINALLY get off the phone – first smart thing she did.  The second smart thing was to spend another 8 minutes finding paper so she could presumably leave a “note”.   Well, to make a long story short she leaves a huge 8.5 x 11 piece of orange paper on the handle of the car and I decide that she was doing the honest thing and leaving a note about the damage.   I’m not going to get out of my car and check the note to make sure she didn’t leave an advertisement instead of a damage note. I’m going to trust and believe that she made a stupid mistake and now she’s making it right by leaving a note so she can take care of whatever damages there are.  Good!

Now, I can go home and eat dinner since I starved myself before my dress fitting.  I kid, I kid…


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