Here Is Why Paying For The Date Is Not About The Money

“The right woman doesn’t want your car, your money, or gifts. She wants your time, your effort, your honesty, your loyalty, and your respect.” FACT! FACT! FACT!

James Michael Sama

So, you’ve spotted this woman at your local Starbucks, or grocery store, or tagged in a friend’s Facebook photo. You’ve started up a conversation, and she has agreed to spend some time with you. Let’s keep it simple and say you go to dinner.

Fantastic! You pick her up, open the door, and are a perfect gentleman all night. Then, the bill comes.

The next thing out of your mouth is “So, should we split it?”

And then, her face:


In my opinion, the man should always pay for dates, at least in the beginning stages of a relationship. But, why? She makes her own money, maybe even more than you. Shouldn’t she split it? Or, maybe even pay for it?

No. And this is why:

Dating is about courtship. Traditionally, men have been the ones to do the pursuing when it came to dating. They had to prove to…

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  1. You have such a wonderful family. Your blog always manages to get me in a good mood. Your kids seem so well behaved and well-mannered too. I’m curious on your parenting method. Do you use spanking? What ages did you use that from? I would love to get your opinion on this as it’s something we’re struggling with our 2 little boys (ages 4 and 7) with right now. We’re finding it hard to find a discipline tactic that actually works. Feel free to e-mail me if thats easier.

    1. Christine, I’m sorry I didn’t see this message until today. I’ve been slow with my blogging. Let me know if you’re still interested in chatting. I’ll shoot you an email. 🙂

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