It’s National Grammar Day!

Be a part of proper grammar movement! Correct EVERYONE! Any way you can raise awareness will help educate the public and future generations to come. 🙂

March 4 – National Grammar Day (I’m a few days late on this one.)

Calliope Writing

Today, March 4th, is National Grammar Day here in the United States.

A few things I will not tolerate on this day:

  • Grammar spelled as “grammer.”
  • Sentences ended with prepositions.
  • Using “you and I” when “you and me” is appropriate.
  • Anyone who utters the sentence, “Grammar is stupid.”

To celebrate, enjoy some funny grammar memes. And then double-check your grammar habits.

national grammar day 1Funny Memesnational grammar day 3national grammar day 4national grammar day 5national grammar day 6national grammar day 7

H/T to the following for the above memes: SocialTalent, Someecards, GeekFill, TES

And a Little Something Extra

The Reader’s Room has come up with something that may coerce me to actually watch basketball: the March Book Madness reading challenge. Hardcore readers: You don’t want to miss it.

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