I’m PanaRican

Yes, I am 50% Panamanian, 50% Puerto Rican and 100% born and raised in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC, which means I don’t actually speak Spanish very well, but if we’re talking life or death, I could survive – more on that later.  A little about me, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m pretty awesome, I have the dreaded middle child syndrome, i’m divorced with 4 kiddies, i’m a mother to a little bundle of trouble named Bishop (dog), a full time worker-bee in downtown DC, a lover of promoting health and fitness, a sober warrior, a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m left handed, and the list goes on and on…so, yes, there is a story to tell pretty much every single day.

Cue the blog!  I decided to share my stories in a blog because my two BFFs are often trying to get me to tell ‘the short version’ of a story which can be difficult because a story isn’t a story without the details.  I can try and start out the story by saying, “to make a long story short” but they almost never turn out short and it’s not for a lack of trying.  I mean, you can’t fully appreciate the story I’m about to tell without the details that make you feel like you were there when it all went down.  Right?

I can totally appreciate a good story too, so I welcome your comments, opinions and related experiences from one ‘story teller’ to another.


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