Listen to me!

We all want to be heard.  Am I right?

I find myself taking the less than mature adult approach to being heard.  Even if it’s a short story, damnit I want to tell it with all the deets!  I seriously don’t know any other way of telling anything.  So when I’m interrupted every 2 seconds, I just don’t want to tell it anymore.  I throw my hands in the air and say, “oh, just forget it.”  Then, when I receive the inevitable, “sorry, please finish, tell your story,” I give the pouting response, “the story was over anyway” which is a total lie and then I have the nerve to be irritated because I really wanted to tell the story.

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I’ve been in a few relationships where I’ve been interrupted time and time again.  Why do they torture me like this?!  I tried to analyze where I’m going wrong because I MUST be doing something wrong here, right?  Maybe it’s me.  (I just made myself laugh.)  I could very well be a poor listener, myself.  I don’t think that’s possible, but I decided to humor myself and really look deep.

I have a bit of social anxiety and I’m self conscious about my ability to hold a conversation, as it is.  I realized that, because I was always thinking, thinking, thinking of the next thing that was supposed to come out of my mouth when the other person was done talking, I can’t possibly be listening to them.  I mean seriously – God forbid I have no response!  How will I endure the possibility of the awkward silence that may or may not come when they are finished talking?  Argh!  It really takes a conscious effort on the listener’s behalf to be a good listener.  Once I put two and two together, I decided to make a change.  I’m not a big interrupter when others are talking, but I could still change how I listen to people; I could give my full attention which is basically what I want.  I want your attention.  (I’m feeling needy all of a sudden.)

No lie, it was hard at first.  My brain wanted to do what it wanted to do but, ironically, I realized that listening to what the person had to say actually made conversations flow much easier.  Mind. Blown.  With my new-found information, I really wanted to share it with everybody who ever felt the need to interrupt me.  JUST STOP AND LISTEN!  I’m a storyteller for pete’s sake.  If you can’t listen to me tell stories, we are never going to work out.  Friendship or otherwise.

Ultimately, some people are just plain selfish when they interrupt.  What they have to say is more important than what you or I have to say.  That’s all there is to it.  Makes you wonder why they stick around if they don’t care what you have to say; if your thoughts aren’t important.

(Even worse, are those who think they can finish your sentence and totally suck at it – but that’s another blog post for another day.)


My Letter to the Elevator

Dear Elevator Doors with Mirrors on the Inside,

I understand we have a love/hate relationship, but i’m beginning to think that I hate you more than I love you. I LOVE that you’re always there for me like nothing else, but i’m becoming irritated by your daily activity.  I’m not liking that you’re always there on a bad hair day, a bloated day, an unknown-rip-in-the-stocking day, a before-I-put-makeup-on morning, the occasional HORRIBLE zit day….and these are all days that I refuse to look at you but you just won’t let up! I’m convinced that you put people in some kind of trance that forces them to stare at you incessantly – even when others are around!

Like this morning, for example, you had this woman so wrapped up in your spell that she wouldn’t move out of the middle of the way to let me through when I reached my floor. I LITERALLY had to shimmy my way around her even though you were out of sight temporarily!!  What the ham?!


Okay, I get it, perhaps my anger is slightly misdirected….maybe I should be angered by the woman who can’t wait to get to the bathroom to touch up her hair or the guy who wants to get food out of his teeth. I mean, maybe it’s me and not you (I doubt it, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings and cause you to crack which might cause me years of “bad luck”).

*le sigh* I think we need a break. I’m sorry, but I think i’m gonna go with the stairs for a while. I might come back for quickie if i’m wearing exceptionally high heels, or I might not, but I think we need this time apart. 

Please don’t hate me.  Friends?  🙂

Love always,
Me ❤