The Concert Experience

I’m not big on going to concerts every time some band comes to town. I figure I have to REALLY like a band to pay that much to see them live.  For example, I would have paid to see Michael Jackson if I had the money. I love me some Britney Spears so I would pay to see her, too.  I’m sure there may be other exceptions, but none that I can think of right now.

Then there’s Depeche Mode.  I just love them. Always have.  Always will. So it’s a no-brainer that I would go to see them in concert. My 3 Seesters and I always go together and it’s always dubbed ‘the best concert ever.’  We wait in anticipation, year after year, for them to announce their tour dates and hope that they come close to where we live. This year they’re coming to Jiffy Lube Live in September – BUT WAIT, they’re going to be at The Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in August, in Chicago, where my little seester lives!!!??? We gotta go!  It’s a double whammie!  So, we get tickets, plan our trip and wait for the big day to come (which was bittersweet because one of my seesters couldn’t make it).  It was a bummer because things aren’t the same when the 4 of us aren’t together.

In the end, my seester’s husband came with us to ‘fill’ her spot and, thankfully, drove us. The place wasn’t far but it took us eternity to get there because traffic around that area was horribly managed! WE’RE GONNA BE LATE! There were 3 lanes of traffic merging into one and there were line cutters all over the place!  Seriously, why do you really think that YOU getting there sooner, is more important than the mile-long line of cars filled with people you are jumping in front of?? It got to the point where people were getting out of their cars and walking the rest of the way – my seesters and I did it, too. Of course, by the time we got out to speed walk the rest of the way, here comes my brother-in-law catching up to us because traffic is moving a little quicker now, so we jump back in.

Now we are parking and can hear the music – the opening act is still playing – YES!!!  We waste no time getting to our seats. The place is already packed and there are still people waiting to get in – the mood in the place was electrifying! I couldn’t stand to wait much longer. And, as if they knew my thoughts, the lights go down, Dave, Martin and Andy hit the stage, and me along with the rest of the audience leap out of our seats and scream in excitement.

But then something happened which I was none too pleased with. Cell phones went up everywhere!  Not to take pictures but to record it!! Are you serious!!? Even my older seester whipped out her phone for a brief snippet. This rubbed me the wrong way because, (a) now I can’t see the stage! All I see are arms and cell phone screens.  What the ham?! and (b) what do you think you’re going to get from the quality of that phone video? Nothing! You aren’t going to relive the concert that way. You’re only going to hear screaming and static and all you’ll see are lights and blurred people on stage, if that! Are you always this inconsiderate? Sheesh! Put the phone down and enjoy the moment! Enjoy the music. Why do electronics always have to rear their ugly heads into perfect moments? Don’t even get me started!

Thankfully, after the initial shock, I was able to calm down with my tasty beverage, find a good, mostly unobstructed line of sight, and totally scream and sing to my heart’s content as I enjoyed THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!