Washington DC

Getting Cozy at Cosi

Getting to work early for nothing; can’t even get in the damn building without my key card….which is at home.  Awesome. — feeling annoyed.

Yep, that’s how my morning started.  Lovely.  Since it was so early in the morning and my brain wasn’t fully awake, the true consequences of forgetting my “key card” weren’t all apparent to me, yet.  Ah, but it didn’t take long.

It’s snowing this morning; nothing crazy that would call for a federal government delay or anything, but enough that I had to clear off my car and drive slower than usual because nobody knows how to drive on slick pavement (i’m okay with that).  I didn’t exactly prepare for the snow either, because today I’m wearing a dress.  Naturally, I didn’t want my legs to be too, too cold, so I left the house with a long coat on instead of my usual jacket.  No hat. No umbrella. I’m not a wuss!!  A few snow flakes on my head isn’t going to kill me, right?  So, I get to the slug line and, yeah, now i’m irritated that I didn’t have a hat or umbrella while I wait for a car to give me a ride.  That, was stupid mistake #1.  In this I-actually-AM-a-wuss-who-doesn’t-want-to-stand-in-this-snow-shower mental state, I decide it’s a good idea to get in the first car that can get me into town and then i’ll just take the Metro, if I have to.  Welp, L’Enfant Plaza, here I come!  My [warm] happy butt is all bucked in and, oh wait, no key card also means no Metro SmartTrip card because they are together on the same chain. Come on man!!  Now I have to PAY for a paper card and that means an extra $1 for the trip because the Metro doesn’t like paper cards and wants to charge you an extra dollar for it!  I digress…..That was stupid mistake #2.  I’m not doing so hot, and it’s too early for this.

I make it to my office and, since it’s so early, there’s no one around that can actually give me a temporary card for the day.  That would be fine if there was somewhere I could sit in the lobby of the building and wait, but there isn’t.  I have a good 45 minutes before someone does come in so, instead of dwelling on the 1.25 hours that I could be getting paid, I decide to go and get some breakfast because i’ll be damned if I have to endure this pissed-offness without a cup of coffee. Off I go to the Cosi that’s next door.

Sidebar – here’s a little morsel of information about me, i’m one of those ‘your day is what you make of it’/’turn lemons into lemonade’/’there’s always a silver lining’ kinda people because I’ve learned that there is just WAYYYYY too much energy spent on being angry and “ugly” (not physically, just being an ugly-personality person).


Drinking classy coffee – PINKIES UP!

Cosi is practically empty when I walk in which is nice because they have these comfortable-looking cushion arm chairs that I have always wanted to sit in so I could feel like I was in the Monsterpiece Theater with Cookie Monster.  #grownupkid  I am starting to feel better about the morning’s situation as I decide this will be nice to come, relax, get cozy in the armchair, read up on the news without any hurry, eat breakfast, and have a nice coffee.  So I do just that.  🙂

Here’s the setup: two arm chairs next to each other at an angle, storefront window behind me, oblong coffee table in front of me, one regular table chair on the other side of the coffee table; i’m facing the cafe and everybody who walks in and out.  I’m actually loving this alone time, as you can see. (This is the lemons into lemonade part.)

I had already decided that i’m going to sit there until 8 am when I know for sure that someone will be in the office to give me a temporary key card for the day.  So there I am; breakfast done, news absorbed, enjoyed some people watching, and now i’m watching this Pharrell Williams video that someone posted about on FB.

Then….along comes a man, late 40’s maybe?  He pulls out the chair across from me and decides to sit down.  He doesn’t say a word so, in my cheerful voice, I say, ‘GOOD MORNING!’ and I smile.  He doesn’t say anything.  So I go back to watching my video.  He puts down an apple, a newspaper, a red bandanna, a piece of old tissue, and he begins to take off his jacket.  In doing so, he scoots the chair closer to me so it’s right next to me.  Now we’re getting a little TOO cozy.  He leans back to relax and begins eating his apple.  I think, maybe he wants conversation?  So, I ask him how he’s doing.  He doesn’t say anything; he kind of looks at me, but there are no words.  I look back to my phone where i’m watching the video and I see that it’s now 8:06 am.  Oh, great, it’s time to go.  I feel a little guilty leaving him there because i’m sure it seems like a coincidence that he has sat down and now i’m leaving, but I had to leave.  He wasn’t talking to me anyway.  So I gather my things, I get up and I say, “Okay, well have a good one.”  He watches me get up and leave with this “why are you talking to me” look on his face.  No words ever escaped his mouth.  What the heck was that about?  “Look Bub, you sat down at MY table.  There were plenty of other seats in this place for you to sit.  Don’t look at me like i’m the odd one here.”  SHEESH!  I kid, I kid…..

Oh well, maybe i’ll see him again and he’ll say something next time.  Either way, I have decided to continue making my day a good one despite 2 more things going wrong, but who’s counting, and you should, too!  Have a great Wednesday y’all!  🙂